Hello! Welcome to my gallery. Cel collecting is still a relatively new hobby for me. Attended my first anime con in Oct 2001.

I originally displayed a few of the cels I had time to scan, in this gallery. Currently, every cel I own is now represented.

Thank you to all the cel dealers and individuals who have helped me with my collection.

Adrenochrome, Advance Agent, Aloha Anime, Alrya, Amy T., Anime Cel Gallery, Anime Chaos, Anime Game, Anime-Haven.net, Another Cel Junkie, Ashyia, Asylum Anime, Avery J., Dustie, Eric n Japan, Hobby Shop K, Hobby Shop Raxa, Jenn B., Lady Zatara, Brian Lowery, Mandarake Japan and USA, Marmalade Girl, Nichibei Anime Club, Nightrain, Mr. Ootani, Original Anime Arts, Pharna, Psychocat, Rakshasa, Mr. Seisuke, Tenzink, Usagi's House and WebDeb.

Thank you very much to Chris Durrill for all her work on the banners and graphics.

Thank you Kitt R. for her help with the identification of the Card Captor Sakura cels.

And a very special thank you to Jason N., for all the time and effort he's put into Rubberslug.

News & Updates

4/29/2007First update of 2007 and Happy Spring! Yes, I am still here! Cel gallery is newly updated. New section added: The Crow Comic Book Art. Cels added to: Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing and Sengoku-kitan Youtouden.
5/13/2005Cel gallery is newly updated. Cels added to: Big O. Sketch added to: Gundam Wing.
2/27/2005Cel gallery is newly updated. Cel added to: Big O and Outlaw Star.
1/12/2005Happy New Year! Cel gallery is newly updated. Cel added to: Big O.

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Title Last Updated
*Lobsterfest* 3/8/2004
Bastard 7/16/2002
Big O 5/13/2005
Card Captor Sakura 5/25/2002
Cowboy Bebop 4/29/2007
Gundam Wing 4/29/2007
Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz Sketches 5/13/2005
Gundam Wing: Zechs/Milliardo Cafe Scene Sequence 4/29/2007
Outlaw Star 2/27/2005
Sengoku-kitan Youtouden 4/29/2007
The Crow Original Comic Book Art 4/29/2007
Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust 8/22/2004

Curator: Flippy
Gallery Created: 8/28/2001
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